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XMA Interlude page 24
Slowly working on this story. But already 24 pages, yay!
If you interested, visit my tumblr blog, I'm publishing it there part by part:
I can be interesting for both comicbook-Angel fans and movie-Angel fans.
XMA prequel: the Angel - variant cover

Read here or download here.

And now I want to tell you something about this whole thing.

The reason, why I wrote and drew this story is not very logical, but very obvious: I was deeply frustrated because of how Angel was represented in the movie. And I’m frustrated not because he is different from comicbooks concept of the character. No. You know, his name is never spoken in the movie, so technically it can be anyone – just random guy with a wings. But even for a random guy he is written so bad.. I see no logic, no solid reasons in his actions – it looks like the actions of stupid, gutless person. And it makes me extremely sad, not only because Angel is one of my favorite characters, but because I kinda like visual concept of character in the movie (and alcoholic motives, ahahaha, it makes character even closer to my heart).

Long story short: I was sooooooo disappointed, that I found “missing episode”, that will make this exact movie character not just reasonable and truly dramatic, but even connected to comicbook Warren Worthington III. And I have the same thing about Psylocke in my mind (and some in sketches). And ideas about climax moments of the movie, and about aftermath.. Oh! But I’m not sure I’m ready to make the same huge work again. At least not now.

X-Men Apocalypce prequel: the Angel
Disclaimer: X-Men characters belongs to Marvel and Fox. I don't earn any money from that, I'm just a fan. 
But story and art are created 100% by me. 

All 17 pages read…

or download

I am naive russian girl X)))
Air Gear & Marvel fan, cosplayer, musician, dancer and e.t.c.

mmm... I don't know that else to say... *___*


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